0.12.0 is the upcoming update

release date Edit

the release date was going to be July 29 but they have been chanced it to august 2015

alpha builds Edit

alpha builds are for testing the game and the current version is build 11

futures Edit

  1. nether
  2. nether fortress
  3. blaze
  4. ghast
  5. magma cube
  6. wither skeleton
  7. ocelots
  8. nether quartz
  9. iron golem
  10. snow golem
  11. potions
  12. enchant table
  13. anival
  14. brewing stand
  15. zombie villager
  16. baby zombie villager
  17. second person view F5
  18. controller support
  19. keyboard support
  20. removed nether reactor
  21. new damage sound

Gallery Edit

Minecraft PE 0.12.1 Build 3

A gameplay from MCPE 0.12.1 build 3

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