0.13.0 is an update for minecraft pocket edition

Release date Edit

The Release Date was in November 2015

Beta builds Edit

beta builds are for testing the game and the curreent build is build 5

Features Edit

items Edit

  1. Redstone
  2. Raw Rabbit
  3. Cooked Rabbit
  4. Rabbit Hide
  5. Tipwire Hook

redstone items Edit

  1. Lever
  2. Wooden Plate
  3. Stone Plate
  4. Iron plate
  5. Golden Plate
  6. Redstone Lamp
  7. Redstone Torch

blocks Edit

  1. Trapped Chest
  2. Note Block

Doors Edit

  1. Iron Door
  2. More Types of Wooden Door

Mobs Edit

  1. Rabbits

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